Help Flyover Geeks Raise Capital In Docker’s Challenge

By February 17, 2011

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In an effort to grow by leaps and bounds as opposed to organic and steady, Flyover Geeks’ has entered Docker’s Facebook $100K challenge and YOU, dear reader, can help us out!

You have to come to enjoy the latest in Flyover Country’s tech news and as we grow readership and expand into other states, we need some help.

If you would be so kind as to vote for Flyover Geeks, we will reward you by expanding Flyover Geek’s news coverage faster and farther than you thought possible- we are even in the midst of planning a SUPERB online TV show- but these things, you see, take money.

And look, we get it- who wants to pay for content? Dockers does, that’s who. So help a startup out won’t you? With your vote (and you can vote once/day) you can help turn Flyover Geeks into a media powerhouse. And media powerhouses are awesome

So please, pretty please with sugar on top, vote today and vote once a day, won’t you? You’ll be glad you did…and we will too!

1. Follow one of the links in this post

2. When you arrive at the Dockers page, “like” it

3. Vote for Flyover Geeks