Mediafly Wants to Set You Up for CES 2012

By November 3, 2011

Believe it or not, CES 2012 is right around the corner. For most of us, it is a date that cannot come too soon as it means four days of absolute techno-lust.  There are those however, that depend on the yearly conference as a way to reach prospective partners, investors, and even consumers. It is this group whose interest may be piqued by Mediafly’s CES-inspired, new promotional offering aptly-named “Broadcaster: CES Edition.”

Mediafly, if you’re not familiar, is a five-year-old, multi-platform application development company based in Chicago.  Operating out of a lively little office space downtown, Mediafly specializes in reliable, cost-efficient content delivery (video, audio, documents) applications for iOS, Android, Roku, PC, and more. They have an impressive roster of customers, including Leo Laporte’s TWiT Network, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and RE/MAX.

What Broadcaster: CES Edition gets you is a 60 day feature in a brand-new, curated-for-CES section of Mediafly’s own OnAir application.  However, in order to get this front-page, promotional access to OnAir’s 650k monthly uniques, you will need to commit to a full year of their Broadcaster monthly service at $999 a month and be prepared to upload CES-related content (of course).  The Broadcaster product itself covers the cost of a branded application on any two of Mediafly’s supported platforms with full technical support, simple cloud-based uploading, and other nifty features.

I sat down with Mediafly’s VP of Product Management, Jason Shah, earlier this week to get the spiel. Here’s my take:

The Good
Broadcaster is a solid product for those that need a clean and simple application developed to push out content, either internally for their business, or outward to consumers.  The OnAir app has an impressive total of monthly uniques, and could provide a nice little boost to your CES 2012 content.

The Bad
Jason couldn’t give me specific traffic estimates they hope to achieve from the CES promotion and, when probed about how many impressions their front-page currently gets, he was not able to provide a confident answer.  On top of that, I was not able to shake loose any sort of concrete plans to market the CES-curated section outside of an email blast to their 20,000 subscribers.

The Bottom Line
If you are thinking about producing content specifically for CES 2012 and you need a rock-solid, no-frills solution to either share with people on the show floor or those watching from home, Mediafly’s Broadcaster: CES Edition is a no-brainer.  If you are hoping this promotion will be the missing piece in your podcast’s rise to stardom however, I would implore you to either push the Mediafly team for additional guarantees, or plan to do most of the heavy-lifting yourself.

Jason can be contacted at [email protected] — drop him a line if this promotion is up your alley (only good until November 30th) or you happen to be in-market for some good ol’ fashioned application development.