NeedWant Launches Emoji Masks

By October 17, 2014



NeedWant, the startup launched by Marshall Haas and Jon Wheatley, has launched a new, er, “product” called Emoji Masks.

Emojis, those fun little icons we all love to text to each other, clearly needed to become a mask for us all to wear.  Right? RIGHT?

Moving on- Haas’ first startup in St. Louis, Obsorb, was an Arch Grants recipient and was subsequently acquired.

While the guys weren’t available for a quote when I saw this, I think its a fair bet to say they are going to sell a small mountain of these suckers- they go for five bucks a pop and can be ordered from their site.

Happy Friday everyone, and enjoy these screenshots from Emoji Masks.  (You know you want one and you also know you wish you thought of it first.)