SkyDeck looks worldwide for new accelerator program participants

By September 18, 2017

UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck has announced that is it now accepting applications for its 2018 Spring cohort of its SkyDeck Accelerator program. Accepted startups will receive $100,000 in funding from Venture Capitalists, in addition to access to UC Berkeley’s state-of-the-art labs and opportunities for mentorship from alumni and faculty.

The application period will close on September 29th. After which, startups will be selected to travel to California to take part in the program featuring expert advice from the likes of Marc Tarpenning, Co-Founder and former VP of Engineering at Tesla and Rebecca Lynn, Founder and General Partner at Canvas Ventures.

The announcement presents a great opportunity for Midwest startups looking for funding and recognition in a world where it seems everyone and their dog owns or works for a startup.

startup accelerator application

Chon Tang – SkyDeck graduate and fund manager, and Caroline Winnett- Executive Director at SkyDeck Berkeley

Those in charge at SkyDeck are looking for the best talent around the world, believing “the success of the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem is dependent on the best people from around the world, executing on the best ideas from around the world,” according to Chon Tang, ‘98 graduate and SkyDeck fund manager.

With the recent surge of Midwest startups and interest in its potential as a region, this could be a perfect chance for potential investment. Last year it was reported that within 5 years, the Midwest would have more startups than Silicon Valley and startup funding in the Midwest is on the rise. Some cities, such as Kansas City, MO are considered some of the most entrepreneurial cities in the U.S.

By being connected to a network of innovation, the selected startups will benefit from association with one of the world’s leading universities with its cutting-edge research resources and talent pools, something that perhaps would not be available at home. The Global Founders Program can provide that opportunity at one of the best startup accelerators in the world.

Past graduates of the SkyDeck program include Building Robotics which raised a $12 million Series B round and launched Comfy, and Zephyrus Biosciences, which was brought for $13 million last year by the Bio Techne Corporation, which has its headquarters in Minnesota.

Any startups wanting to apply can do so here before the closing date, September 29th.