Tablet Shoppers Spending More Online (INFOGRAPHIC)

By July 20, 2012

If you’re part of the nearly 20 percent of US consumers who already own some kind of tablet device, there’s a good chance you’re willingly spending more money online than shoppers on any other device. According to a new study by Miva Merchant, tablet users on average are spending 20 percent more on online purchases than desktop users, and nearly 50 percent more than smartphone shoppers.

What does this mean for online retailers? With the number of US tablet owners growing nearly two-fold since last holiday season — a rate 10 times faster than smartphone adoption — any online shops still working on a quality mobile platform may want to get a move on. According to the infographic, nearly half of tablet users admitted that they would go to a competitor’s website if they found a retailer’s mobile experience to be lacking.

Another interesting purchasing statistic from the infographic suggests that tablet users are more prone to impulse purchases online than the average smartphone user, with 30 percent of users agreeing that owning a tablet has led them to make more online purchases. I’m guessing that impulsive tendencies, along with apparent access to disposable income, are probably why they have the tablet in the first place.

Check out the full infographic below to find out some more juicy tidbits about the rise of the other mobile device.

Ecommerce and Tablet Users on the Rise

[ Via: Miva Merchant’s ecommerce software ]

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