To All of Boston, Wes Welker and Patriots Fans Across the Nation

I Apologize.

As a die-hard sports fan, I would like to sincerely apologize for a misguided and misdirected stunt that we did yesterday in Boston.  In delivering a pile of Butterfinger bars to Copley Square in Boston, and a sign referencing Wes Welker, we were making a lighthearted gesture following Sunday’s hard fought game.   We thought that Boston fans would get a laugh out of it.  But,  for many great Boston sports fans, it was taken offensively.  Please accept my most sincere apologies.  We got caught up in the moment, reacting to a suggestion that we thought would be funny, but we were wrong, and on behalf of everyone involved with Pawngo, I apologize.

We all make mistakes.  Perhaps I need a Butterfinger candy bar myself.

Pawngo has been changing the world of providing credit to individuals and small businesses, and our business has grown dramatically in the past year.  In the process of growing, we have received lots of attention from the press, talking about how we are opening up new financial options for many otherwise un-bankable people.  However, this incident in Boston produced some press that we would rather not have.

We will not make this type of mistake again.  We will double-down our energy and our focus on our customers, and will continue to distinguish ourselves with exceptional customer service and the most fair rates we can provide for borrowers who work with Pawngo.

To Wes Welker and the rest of the Patriots organization, we at Pawngo apologize for any hard feelings caused by what was only meant to be a light hearted gesture following Sunday’s hard fought game.

As sports fans it is easy to get caught up in the moment of the game, yet be assured that this in no way diminishes your efforts on and off the field. Thank you for your continued hard work and best of luck in the future.

Very sincerely,

Todd Hills, CEO-Founder

PS: There has been some chatter about Pawngo, and whether Groupon has any relation to us.  We are NOT related to Groupon in any way, and we have no involvement with Groupon, and they have no involvement with us.  The only similarity is that one of the several investment firms that invested in Pawngo is affiliated with two co-founders of Groupon.  Pawngo is privileged to have some fantastic investors — Daylight Partners, Access Venture Partners, and Lightbank.  Lightbank is the firm affiliated with the Groupon co-founders.  That’s it — no other relationship than that.  Hope this clears things up, and puts to rest any suggestion that Groupon and Pawngo have anything to do with each other.