5 Things A Geek (Entrepreneur) Should Know Before Dating A Girl

By December 8, 2011

Inspired by Andrew Torba’s article “5 things to know before dating a Tech Entrepreneur,”  a writer who wishes to remain anonymous posted  this response on her blog www.trulygeek.de 

After having enjoyed a previous article by Andrew Torba about “5 things to know before dating a Tech Entrepreneur” (Tech.li), I started thinking and came up with the following response.

Dating an Entrepreneur (here affectionately called: geek) is definitely not easy, necessitating a lot of patience, trust and nerves.

And for a geek to date a girl might sometimes seem more stressful than delightful. But let’s be honest: every man, even a Geek, needs a women to keep him warm and sound.

So dear Geek, in order to succeed in the dating pool, please consider the following:

Leave the virtual world to meet her

Even though there are so many beautiful women on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, the right girl is probably rather waiting for you in the Späti (7 Eleven) next door than online. Of course several dating sites and social networking spaces have made it easy for computaholics to chat, tweet and “socialize” with girls, however most of us still prefer the good old wink at the bar. So please close your laptop, lock your tablet, shut off your phone and leave the chaotic cave you call your room.

“Whaaat are you doing?”

Yes we all live in a world where iPhone Apps, online second lives and social media shape our daily conversations and behavior, however there is still one language that we should not forget: love. Just because you know the meaning of clouding, liking and tweeting does not mean that she does and even if she would, it does not mean that she wants you to share her location and shoe size with all your 2356 “friends”.

Whatsapping, tweeting and chatting will not be enough to make the pitch

If you want to win her heart your conversations cannot be limited to status updates or replying to her tweets. You will have to personally talk to her, no I am not referring to video chat I mean in person! Sitting next to her feeling her presence, hearing her heart beat and listening to her beautiful voice. Remember you are the one she is interested in, not your avatar.

Dating is NOT the same as networking

If she agrees to hang out with you, it is not about making a good impression by stating as many fun facts as possible, but by your ability to listen to her and show genuine interest in her as a person. Also try not to keep your eye out for potential VC’s entering the cafe, maybe try to meet somewhere a little more private and a little less co-working space. Your focus should be completely on her and her attention should certainly be on you too.

Quality Time

After your won her heart the hardest part is now to keep it. You will not be able to have her stay in your life if you wont let her. Make time in your busy schedule without checking your emails and tweets every 5 secs. While getting to know you she will absolutely understand or maybe more accept your profession and will be patient enough to wait for you even if your are two hours late for dinner because of an important launch. Don’t expect the impossible though. A relationship is at least as much work as your business and should be worthy at least as much effort and time, so please don’t start breaking a girl’s heart just because your cost-benefit analysis was faulty.

Good luck to you all.

Yours truly,