5 Things to Know Before Dating a Tech Entrepreneur

By November 22, 2011

Let’s face it: tech entrepreneurs have no money, are a little crazy, and hardly have time for sleep. (Let alone a significant other).

Despite these flaws a few brave souls are ambitious enough to take on the challenge of dating these unique individuals. I sat down with my girlfriend who is an expert on the subject and after debating for an hour we came up with the five most important things to know before dating a tech entrepreneur.

Bootstrapping isn’t Meant to be Fun.

If you’re going to date an entrepreneur don’t be expecting lavish dinners every weekend. In fact, don’t expect many dates at all. Entrepreneurs are focused on keeping their idea alive at any cost. Running a new business isn’t easy, and it’s definitely not cheap.

Typically speaking, most entrepreneurs won’t see any amount of income for the first two years of business operation. Remember, if you are willing to care about the person when they become successful you have to be willing to settle for Ramen noodles for a few years before that happens.

Cup O' noodles

Date Night

Checking Twitter is Part of my Job.

You will never find a tech entrepreneur without their smartphone. It is the crux to the entire operation. Smartphones not only keep entrepreneurs in touch with customers, investors, and users; they also keep us organized, prepared, and well read on the latest news in the industry.

Be prepared to repeat yourself and jump around just to get the entrepreneur’s attention. It’s nothing personal if our nose is constantly in our phone, just another day at the office. If you’re going to date a tech entrepreneur you have to accept the fact that they will be checking their phone, a lot.

cell phone addict

Don’t judge me

Expect Late Nights

The stress caused by the fast-paced tech industry often leaves entrepreneurs up all night. Imagine working on something for six months only to wake up one morning and find out someone else beat you to market.

The industry moves so quickly sometimes its difficult for even tech veterans to keep up. There is no time-clock to punch as a entrepreneur. There will be deadlines, middle of the night texts, and stages of insomnia.

Be patient and understanding. The entrepreneur experiences high amounts of stress and anxiety at different times throughout the various stages of their venture. Although they’d love to cuddle up and fall asleep with you every night, some nights require no sleep.

workaholic image, sleep on keyboard

Sleeping is for middle management. (Image via cutedrop.com)

No, I’m not the next Mark Zuckerberg

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your tech entrepreneur is going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Chances are they aren’t trying to be the next Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or even Bill Gates. Entrepreneurs want to change the status quo and leave an important impact on our world. Although every entrepreneur has different motives, it’s generally not about the fame or money.

Entrepreneurs love what they do and want to spread innovation while enjoying the freedom of running their own business. If you’re thinking about dating an entrepreneur remember to not compare them to the superstars in the industry, but instead love them for the dynamic innovator they are.

A. I would never call you Bitch. B. CEO doesn’t mean anything … for a while

Give Me Time

Despite how much tech entrepreneurs love their smartphones, laptops, and gadgets; they are indeed human and have a need for a loving relationship. If you’re going to date a tech entrepreneur you need to be understanding, patient, and caring. In return they will provide you with compassion, loyalty, and honesty.

Bear with them through the bootstrapping stages, it’ll be worth it when they go public, with you right by their side.