C-Tribe Festival to highlight Canada’s tech diversity

By November 8, 2018

Startups and entrepreneurs north of the border are ready to showcase their worth at a five-day showcase event. The C-Tribe Festival in Edmonton, Canada is returning for its fifth edition from Nov. 13 to Nov. 17.

For years, Edmonton and the entire region of Alberta have made a name for themselves in terms of artificial intelligence. That’s part of why this festival has become a go-to event for the next big innovations in AI, as the immersive program offered at C-Tribe will again have a strong focus on machine learning.

Thousands of visitors are expected at this year’s edition of the event.

Some notable guests and speakers include Burning Man public relations director Megan Miller, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute founding member Jonathan Schaeffer, and Endor Coin chief alchemist and blockchain community pioneer Mihaela Ulieru.

“We live in a world of collisions,” said Sahr Saffa, Founder at C-Tribe Festival and VP of Operations at AutonomIQ. “A world where two seemingly opposing concepts could be molded into one and transformed into new and re-imagined industries. Collisions break down barriers between ideas, points of view, and create new grounds that we can explore and build upon together.”

The festival will include speakers from those mentioned high-profile guests, as well as expert panels and fireside chats.

As Google AI subsidiary DeepMind plans an international expansion into Edmonton, the C-Tribe Festival is just another reminder of where the city stands in terms of AI and innovation.

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