Chicago: SYNC Tech Center Closes

By February 25, 2011

Breaking News As of Tuesday, March 1st, the Chicago SYNC Technology Center at 322 S. Green is announcing it is closing permanently.

The SYNC center had quickly become a focal point for Chicago’s tech community in the West Loop neighborhood and had events hosted by Flyover Geeks, Funding Feeding Frenzy, MidVentures, and others. (Funding Feeding Frenzy’s Kickoff Event will be the last event held there)

The SYNC center was 18,000 square feet of space and opened as a place for tech companies large and small to work from and the operators planned on investing in local companies with a $5 million dollar fund.

The closing of the SYNC center will definitely affect the many entrepreneurs that gathered there and a few will have to find new space to work from.

What was a vibrant gathering space for the Chicago tech community has closed and that is a sad thing. The SYNC had a feel of community and bonhomie that will be missed.

Chicago has other, excellent places for entrepreneurs to work from such as the ITA. Here is to hoping the closing of the SYNC isn’t permanent and they do raise their investment fund.

*(editor) A longer, more in depth piece on the story of The SYNC will run next week