DailyDac: Find the Best Investment Deals in One Spot

By September 15, 2011

For investors, the most important thing is finding the next project to get your hands onto. DailyDAC, a business deal aggregator in Chicago, can help you find new projects and investments in one easy place.

Launched in May 2011 by Kristen Weber, DailyDAC (Deal Acquisition Central) has been funded by Weber and two private investors. With subscription prices of $50.00 per month or $500.00 for the year, DailyDAC will send out business deals ranging from commercial real estate firms to business or business components up for auction on a daily basis. The twice-weekly newsletter also keeps users in the know of the latest business issues. An added bonus: it’s a flat fee. No commission or finder’s fees included.

The site launched to 1,000 users Weber and her staff selected as “the ideal subscriber.” The deal database was available to those users free of charge for the first month. Since then, the site has 500 subscription-paying users, along with several hundred more receiving the newsletter. “The newsletter is the non-actionable side of the site, kind of a flavor of the week” said Weber. If you only rely on the newsletter, you might miss important details like company name or asset value.
DailyDAC pulls from publicized sales, but mainly through the relationships established by Weber and members of the advisory board. The site focuses on low to middle-market sales, with an estimated value of $0-50 million all seeking quick capital turnaround.

“Deals are ranging from an owner who would like to retire and sell the business, but may not have the network or know-how to do so to a business owner who wants to access inventory parallel to his own,” said Weber. “Deals could also focus on companies going into chapter 11 bankruptcy.”

Moving forward, the site will be working more closely with venture capitalists, possibly bringing more private company seeking capital to the site. Expansion of the authored content offered is also in the works.

To learn more about DailyDAC visit their website or follow them on Twitter @DailyDAC.