Drink Deck: $520 Of Discounts To Chicago’s Coolest Bars? Yeah, There’s An App For That

By December 21, 2010

CHICAGO, IL. December 20, 2010 – The App House announced today the launch of Drink Deck Chicago for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Drink Deck offers Chicagoland residents $520 of discounts at some of the hottest and hippest bars in Chicago. It is available in the iTunes App Store for $19.99. (Editors note: I own Drink Deck and I really, really like it- and after two bars I made the money back I spent on it. But then I also like alcohol)

Drink Deck Is $520 Worth of Deals

The way the app works is simple- it consists of 52 playing cards, just like in a regular deck of cards but in this case the cards are digital on your iphone. Each “card” is for one of Chicago’s excellent watering holes and as long as the patron spends $30 in the location, $10 is taken off the bill.

“Drink Deck takes the guesswork out of wondering where to go in Chicago,” said Will Glass, Drink Deck founder. “We have a staff that has actually gone to every bar in the deck and confirmed it as a good place to go with friends or a date to have some drinks. A lot of people like to make it into a game; since they have 52 different cards, they work their way through the list and end up going to bars they might not have discovered on their own and end up finding new places to hang out.”

“The problem with many of the free nightlife apps is that they represent every bar in the city, making it hard for people to find quality spots. Plus, those apps and the deal of the day concepts are either not tied to discounts or tied to discounts that expire,” said Glass. “With Drink Deck you can sample the locations at your leisure and not worry about expiration dates.”

The few people I asked about this app when writing this article all said they like the idea…and since its all for alcohol, I have a feeling Drink Deck is going to be popular. Of course, everyone I know also likes cocktails- Bottoms Up!

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