Will Find You A New Job In Seconds

By April 19, 2012

Are you totally over your job? The new job search tool created by Careerimp, Inc., called, can find you in a new one in just a few seconds. All you have to do is enter a few pieces of data, and presents you with a list of jobs that you would be best suited for.

To use the tool, you don’t have to enter keywords or search through pages of jobs to find new positions. Simply enter your Myers-Briggs personality indicator and authorize the app to pull in data from your LinkedIn account so it can generate a list of jobs for you. If you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile, you can copy and paste the text of your resume in a textbox, and the app will analyze keywords in your resume to match with job listings. Currently the app only features listings for the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Pittsburg.

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More companies are beginning to hire with an emphasis on personality as opposed to skills. Innovative companies need people who can work in a rapidly changing work environment. Hiring by personality is a great way to predict whether or not a potential hire will be able to jive with the rest of the team.

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The Myers-Briggs personality indicator is a four letter personality type that communicates individual personality differences. There are 16 personality types that fall within the four dimensions of personality: extravert or introvert, sensing or intuitive, Œthinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving.

“Today’s workforce is less specialized; we change jobs more often and weigh job satisfaction more heavily than ever before,” notes Chris Mackey, director of business development at CPP Inc, the publishers of the Myers-Briggs assessment. “Companies are reacting by investing more heavily in ways to source more compatible, quality hires and retain them which helps in doing automatically.”

Once job seekers find positions based on personality traits and keywords with, they can use Careerimp’s preexisting service, Resunate, to convert their qualifications into a resume. The service also gives members feedback on how to improve their resumes.

Careerimp Inc. is a Pittsburg-based company that was accepted into Alphalab, a TechStars Network technology Incubator, in Summer 2010. Since then, the company has launched Resunate, a resume optimizing tool. It also owns and operates web properties The Regional Internship Center and My Crappy Resume.