Funding Feeding Frenzy Kickoff Prepares Entrepreneurs For Success

By February 24, 2011

Last fall’s Funding Feeding Frenzy event was a huge success, with over 100 attendees and media coverage from NPR, Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. Their spring event will no doubt be even more spectacular, and to insure its success, a Funding Feeding Frenzy Kickoff event will be held on Monday, February 28.

The kickoff event differs from the so-called main event in that it offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to hone the pitches they will be presenting at the main event. Presenters are in an environment with few investors, so they can get feedback from experienced revenue builders. They’ll be asked the questions that investors will want to know, so they won’t be caught unaware next time, says Dave Culver, CEO of Extraordinary Success, LLC. It also gives them time to find the answers and grow their companies in the meantime.

“If they’re presenting at the Funding Feeding Frenzy, then we give them what we call a ‘coaching session’ to help them get ready for specifically the event,” says Culver. “Not just their presentation, but ‘have you thought about what you can do for your company between now and two months from now?’”

The companies that go through this process are far more prepared for the Funding Feeding Frenzy event. In fact, one of last years’ kickoff presenters went on to claim ‘Best in Show’ in his category. But it’s not only the presenters who benefit.

“All the other entrepreneurs and people who were in attendance were very excited about it, because they could see how we could deconstruct what they thought was a good presentation and turn it into something really powerful and that would at least get noticed if not action yet,” says Culver.

Anyone who is looking to raise money or expand a company will benefit from the Funding Feeding Frenzy Kickoff event, says Culver.

“It really gives you insights on what investors want and how you can craft your presentation to optimize it so that they can understand it and why they should be interested in your company.”