Golf Cart Diaries With Guest Sutton Lasater

By November 17, 2014

Golf Cart Diaries

Welcome to Techli’s ‘Golf Cart Diaries.’ “What fresh brand of crazy is this?” you may be asking yourself right now. Golf Cart Diaries is a lot like ‘The Domain Tech Report‘ only shorter, and now with more Golf Cart! What’s not to like?

Today’s guest on GCD (It’s what the kids call it) is Sutton Lasater, entrepreneur at large in St. Louis doing many things, but most recently we had a chance to talk about Prosper.

Each interview is made to be short and delicious, like the two o’clock hangry pains you get on a weekday. (Hungry + Angry = Hangry). Get rid of the hangry pains and snack on some GCD. You’ll meet someone new and be glad you did.