Guugos: Video Cover Letters & Business Cards

By December 3, 2010

If you’ve ever gone to a networking event, you know the power of meeting people face-to-face. You have a far better chance of getting a new client or job with someone you’ve seen, not just spoken to. People want to get to know you, not just your resume or website.

But if you can’t get to that person, Guugos offers the next best thing: Video Cover Letters and Video Business Cards. This 60-90 second personal introduction brings your story to life and puts the humanity back in the process.

Guugos began with the Video Cover Letter concept in late 2009, creating short videos for job seekers. Employers today are receiving five to ten times the typical number of resumes for each position they have open. A Video Cover Letter can help employers get a much more complete picture of who you are, and make it possible for potential employers to gain valuable insights about you that just might make the difference and get you selected for a face-to-face interview.

“It is virtually impossible to distinguish one candidate from another solely on their resume and cover letter,” says Steven Brooks, founder and CEO of  “A video enables you to see and hear a candidate tell you in their own words, who they are and why they believe they should be considered for the position.”

More recently, Guugos began developing it’s Video Business Cards. Professionals of all walks of life will benefit from this service, including Realtors, Mortgage Officers, Credit Repair Service Providers, Insurance Agents, Home Renovations, Interior Designers, Daycare Professionals, Marketing Designers, Consultants, etc. A short video about who you are and what you do can help increase sales and build a stronger brand on the Internet.

“Let’s face it; we live in a sound bit world. Video is the most powerful attention getting medium.  Whenever someone considers your product or service, there is one question they want answered: Why should I do business with you?,” says Brooks. “A Video Business Card is your chance to tell them.”

If you are a professional and want to quickly be introduced to this concept as well as other professionals, PNC Bank is hosting a networking social sponsored by next Wednesday, December 8 from 4:30-7pm in Schaumburg. You can register for free HERE.