Hack Midwest competition to bring together 300 coders in Kansas City

By April 23, 2018

More than 300 coders will compete in Kansas City’s Hack Midwest from July 21 to 22 to see who can create the best app in the 24-hour hackathon.

Taking place in ShotTracker’s offices in Kansas City, the most successful app builders will win thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Prizes include tech accessories like a drone, an Amazon Echo, and a Nintendo Switch, among others.

“We’re excited to host KC’s largest hackathon and help spur innovation in the region,” said ShotTracker co-founder Davyeon Ross. “We can’t wait to see all the ideas people come up with, especially those built for our data-rich ShotTracker platform.”

The coders will divide off into teams and create problem-solving apps for businesses in a variety of industries, according to Silicon Praire News. More than 50 teams are expected to compete in the latest edition of the annual event.

This year’s event will see a new company challenge category that pits teams from specific companies in the region against each other.

“Adding to Kansas City’s momentum as a leading tech hub, Hack Midwest gives passionate software engineers the opportunity to showcase their skills and inspire new ideas that could change the future,” Hack Midwest organizerMichael Gelphman told Silicon Praire News. “We’d love to see people from Omaha or Des Moines and other parts of the Prairie come down for this and be a part of this amazing community and experience.”

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