No Monkeying Around: HatchBuck Poised To Challenge MailChimp

By November 21, 2013


What do you call a cutting-edge sales and marketing automation platform with a user base that has grown by 80 percent in the last five months alone? That would be Hatchbuck, which was ironically also the name of my favorite, now-out-of-business whiskey growing up in the Okinawa Zoo.

The artists formerly known as “Systematic Revenue,” Hatchbuck is sales and marketing automation software designed for small to mid-size businesses that allows users to grow sales through nurturing prospect and client relationships. Or, it’s a lot like Mailchimp, which has become the “Kleenex” or “FedEx” of the space.

And yet, Hatchbuck seems as if it’s poised to challenge the gorilla folk as the company has grown dramatically since undergoing a facelift less than a half-year ago — now seemingly better equipped to service small businesses and take on its competitors.

“We’ve added experienced staff and delivered a new version of our product based on great customer feedback, making it even easier for small businesses to automate their sales and marketing efforts,” said Don Breckenridge Jr., CEO & co-founder of Hatchbuck.

Hatchbuck relies on “email nurturing” or the process of following-up with prospective customers tactically until they are ready to make a purchase — a process Breckenridge says is unique to Hatchbuck.  Instead of blindly sending mass email newsletters that may or may not be relevant, Hatchbuck software is designed to help businesses better target prospects using integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and email nurturing tools, in turn giving Hatchbuck customers higher click through rates.

“We’re in growth mode,” said Breckenridge Jr. “Over the last five months, demo requests have increased 360 percent, our customer base has increased 80 percent, and our website traffic is up 767 percent. In October, we engaged with a record number of perspective customers. The demand for our product and services is increasing, and we’re growing to meet it.”

Clearly, they are not monkeying around.

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