Immunophotonics Raises $1.8M; BioGenerator & Cultivation Capital Lead

By September 3, 2014



ST. LOUIS – September 3, 2014 – BioGenerator, an entrepreneurial support and investment organization, and venture capital firm Cultivation Capital announce the funding of Immunophotonics, an international biotech company redefining advanced cancer therapy and increasing global accessibility for cancer treatments. The funding is part of a total $1.8 million Series A funding round that also includes St. Louis Arch Angles, Billiken Angels, individual investors, and the Missouri Technology Corporation.

Immunophotonics’ lead product in development is an immunotherapy called inCVAX, an in situ autologous cancer vaccine, for the treatment of late stage metastatic cancers.

Domain Tech Report w/Lu Alleruzzo of Immunophotonics

How CVAX Works

In short, inCVAX is a two-injection procedure that teaches the patient’s immune system to recognize their cancer as foreign and subsequently eliminate the cancerous cells wherever they may be in the body. This two-step treatment consists of (1) laser application to any solid tumor and (2) a local injection of a proprietary immunoadjuvant to induce this anti-tumor immune response. Initial trials indicate that there are minimal side effects, which allows patients to quickly return to their normal daily activities.

Dr. Bobby Sandage, former President and CEO at Coronado BioSciences, and new Chairman of the Board at Immunophotonics explained the importance of what the company does, “Despite many advances in medical care, cancer still affects millions of lives every year. Our passion is to change how people think of cancer. By providing less invasive treatments with minimum side effects, we can bring effective and affordable therapy to the world.”

BioGenerator & Cultivation Capital Take Board Seat

“Immunophotonics is taking an exciting approach to cancer therapy,” said Dan Broderick, vice president of BioGenerator, who also led the funding deal. “The outlook for this therapy is more than promising and BioGenerator is excited to support such an innovative company leading new developments in biotechnology.” BioG

As part of the funding, BioGenerator Vice President Charlie Bolten and Cultivation Capital General Partner David Smoller will also join the board of directors for Immunophotonics.

Smoller sees the partnership with BioGenerator and Cultivation Capital as an important resource for Immunophotonics.  “We are all excited to work together with a common goal of ensuring the success of Immunophotonics. We have an ambitious agenda for this year, and we are fortunate to have so many experienced and dedicated professionals on our team to work together to realize Immunophotonics’ vision,” Smoller said.

With this investment, Immunophotonics is beginning a clinical trial in Latin America and filing for trials in the U.S. Their vision is not only to create effective cancer treatments but also provide greater access to medical care globally.