InerTRAIN Lets You Train on Your Time, Anywhere

By November 19, 2010

Jeff Marinucci had a problem. He was (literally) a high flying team member at Motorola and was constantly jetting around the globe. He wanted to maintain a good workout schedule and work with a personal trainer but his work life was dominating all his time and made it hard for him to work with a trainer one on one. (Not to mention he was never in one country for very long.)

He thought it would be great if there was a way to work with a remote trainer and when he couldn’t find one, he decided to invent the service himself.

InerTRAIN is an online service that pairs an individual wanting personal training with a remote trainer. More than just a website that generates workouts, the trainer works with each customer to develop a personalized plan and is in regular communication with each client.

InerTRAIN also has some unique technology other than just being on the web. “Research has shown that people lean best when things are grouped in threes,” said Marinucci, “and we have exercise videos emphasizing that.”

Clients of InerTRAIN are able to load videos that show the proper execution of an exercise from three different angles, giving a good overview of the exercise so a customer can properly execute it. I saw one of the videos myself and their production quality is excellent.

InerTRAIN has raised a private round of funding and is already generating revenue with certified trainers on board as well. A customer can review the profiles of all the trainers and choose someone that they feel will work well for them. “Not everyone wants the same type of workout,” said Marinucci. “Some people want to do thirty minute workouts twice a week while others want to do an hour a day five times a week. Some people have certain things they cannot do, and some people don’t want to do a certain activity. Our trainers work with a customer to develop the right workout for them.”

InerTRAIN has just been added as an elective for students at a University and Marinucci is in talks with several others to do the same as well. InerTRAIN is also talking to some corporations about offering InerTRAIN to their employees.

Check out the videos below for more on InerTRAIN, including a conversation I had with Jeff Marinucci. You can find their Facebook page here: InerTRAIN, Twitter @InerTRAIN, youtube channel here: InerTRAIN Channel and a list of their trainers at the site: InerTRAIN Trainers

Jeff Marinucci of InerTRAIN from Edward Domain on Vimeo.