Join the Cause for Entrepreneur’s Day

By October 4, 2010

While this post is not technically about the Chicago startup scene, it is related to Obama’s policies for small businesses. This post is about the establishment of Entrepreneur’s Day on November 19, 2010 to celebrate the benefits that small businesses and entrepreneurs have on our economy. As we all know, the unemployment rate is still at record highs and yet the recession ended over a year ago. Unless I have missed something, I have not seen much support for small businesses and entrepreneurs from this administration. Entrepreneur’s Day is not about hallmark cards or handouts from the government. It is a call to this administration to recognize that America’s foundation was built on entrepreneurs and now is not the time to ignore the needs of our community. As Chicago entrepreneurs, we have witnessed record growth by companies such as Groupon who have added hundreds of new jobs to the Chicago area. So we know first hand how entrepreneurs and small businesses can impact a community. That is why I think this day is so important. To me, it represents a sense of togetherness and community by collectively celegrating a day dedicated to our hard work, determination and persevaerance.

So, my fellow Flyover Geeks and entrepreneurs, if you support Entrepreneur’s Day please visit this site to sign the petition.