Kickstarter Project: Fashionable 3D Glasses by Ingri:Dahl

By December 29, 2011

THE GIST: Ingri:Dahl designs fashionable 3D glasses for men and women.

Twin sisters Kine and Einy Paulsen.

WHERE: Beverly Hills, Ca and Stavanger, Norway. 

 Currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

“Einy and I started Ingri:Dahl around the same time we graduated from USC earlier this year. We had been planning our launch for almost two years, and when we graduated we finally felt that the quality and design of our circularized polarized 3D glasses was at the level we wanted. The project that was intended to be a side project, quickly became a full time job. We launched our Kickstarter project about three weeks ago, because we had emptied our own pockets and needed funding for the Spring collection. So far we have raised 19 % of our goal.” -Kine Paulsen

INSPIRATION: “Our glasses are inspired by classic Hollywood, and we’re also inspired by our Scandinavian background. We decided to design 3D glasses because we didn’t like the ones we were given at the theaters and decided that we could it better! ” -Kine Paulsen

ON WORKING WITH HER TWIN SISTER: “I love working with my twin sister. We work great together. And because we are sisters, we can be completely honest with each other!”-Kine Paulsen


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