Lean Startup Machine in Chicago Nov. 5-7 (Prize Money!!)

By October 26, 2010

Lean Startup Machine is a weekend-long startup competition that
conforms to Lean Startup principles, a method of using customer
feedback to rapidly iterate your product to reach product/market fit.
On Friday evening, the event commences with networking and pitches.
Participants then select ideas and form teams to work on their project
over the weekend. On Sunday, teams pitch their business and Minimum
Viable Product to a panel of well-known entrepreneurs for cash and

The winning pot of cash is the event’s profit is projected to be ~$1,000.
Go sign up: The Lean Startup Machine Chicago

Chicago Lean Startup Circle has partnering with the folks who created
the Lean Startup Machine in New York to bring the event to Chicago.
It’s a great way to get a practical hands-on refresher on lean startup
principles and to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and
entrepreneurial minded designers, developers and marketers. Brant
Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits, the authors of “The Entrepreneur’s
Guide to Customer Development” will be two of the speakers, mentors
and judges.