McFriends: McDonalds Reimagined

By February 2, 2012

Remember when a trip to the ole’ Mickey-D’s sounded more like an adventure than a screw-it-im-not-cooking dinner cop-out?

When you’re a kid, McDonald’s red plastic slide is just as exciting as the greasy fries. Yes, its a sad day when you outgrow the Hamburglar teeter-toter and the appeal of plastic-wrapped Happymeal toys fade.  In fact, it seems a little unfair that McDonald stops throwing adventure and gifts my way just because I made my way into the double digits.

Students at the Miami Ad School of Hamburg must also feel slighted because they came up with this brilliant vision for a adult tech playground and a whole new McExperience. Their student project envisions a sort-of  global McDonalds Chatroulette, McFriends. The concept golden arches would be outfitted with tablets and computers and free wifi. Users could come log-on to McFriends, and meet fellow fast-food goers around world.

McFriends from Yasmina Boustani on Vimeo.