Midwest universities launch platform that connects executives with startups

By September 19, 2018

Nearly a dozen Midwest universities have come together to launch a platform that will act as the middle-man between experienced executives and the next big startups in the region. Called Midwest Executives-on-Roster (XOR), the online application will allow CEOs and well-credentialed business execs to work with up-and-coming startups that are looking for guidance from experienced professionals, per a recent announcement from Indiana University, one of the 11 participating schools.

There are already 22 startups who have partnered with Midwest XOR, including IU’s own Care Revolution, which aims to prevent the amount of unnecessary patient moves from nursing homes to hospitals. That startup has already received $150,000 in investment because of its involvement in Midwest XOR.

“While university researchers are the best in the world in their academic disciplines, they might not have the knowledge or experience needed to run a company,” said Tony Armstrong, the CEO of IU’sResearch and Technology Corp. “Midwest XOR will help us improve the matchmaking process between startups and potential leaders and investors. We are also providing career-exploration opportunities for alumni interested in working in exciting, research-proven companies.”

The online application is conducted by invite only on the executive end. Interested members can see more details of signing up below.*

In terms of startups, emerging companies are judged on a variety of factors and those that are deemed as “having valuable intellectual property and commercial potential” are chosen to be apart of the Midwest XOR’s online database.

“In addition to helping startups more efficiently recruit executive-level talent, Midwest XOR gives us an opportunity to engage our talented alumni base,” said Jeff Whitney of IU’sResearch and Technology Corp. “IU alumni are eager to mentor or work for university-based startups.”

The participating public schools who have joined together to create this startup booster are: Indiana University, Ohio University, Ohio State University, the University of Chicago, the University of Cincinnati, the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, the University of Minnesota, the University of Nebraska, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Oklahoma.

*For interested executives, you can email Jason Whitney at [email protected] to access Midwest XOR’s database.

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