Missouri Startups: Three Bills You Need To Watch In 2014

By January 8, 2014

By all accounts 2013 was a successful year for Missouri startups. But notable accomplishments, like being recognized for the 3rd fastest growth rate of technology jobs, mean that more eyes will be on us in 2014. This attention may lead Missouri lawmakers to focus more on business-friendly legislation as we move into the new year.

Over 350 bills have already been pre-filed for the 2014 session beginning on January 8th. While most of these will die in committee, there are three that could impact startups if they do become law. Here are those three:

HB 1056 – Missouri Business Recruiters Act

This bill would create a Missouri Business Recruiter position. Compensation for the role would be based on the individual’s success in bringing new businesses and jobs to the state.

SB 633 – Tax Exemptions for Data Storage Centers

Transactions involving the lease or rental of a property for a technology business facility project will be exempt from state and local sales taxes. This bill would also create a state and local sales and use tax exemption for existing data storage center facilities for utility costs including internet, gas, water, electric and more.

HB 1171 – Economic-Education Partnership Act

An employer that provides educational benefits or trains an individual in healthcare, engineering or information technology would be allowed to retain 100% of the withholding tax from that employee with some stipulations.

If passed, these bills could have a profound impact on individual companies and on the startup community as a whole.  What do you think of these new bills?  What other legislation is needed? 


Photo Credit: David Shane