Mobify Recognized as a Sample Vendor in six 2020 Gartner Hype Cycle reports

By September 1, 2020

Mobify, a leading web storefront for headless commerce, announced today that it was recognized as a Sample Vendor in six recent Gartner Hype Cycle reports: 

  • Hype Cycle for the Future of Applications, 20201 
  • Hype Cycle for User Experience, 20202 
  • Hype Cycle for Application Architecture and Development, 20203
  • Hype Cycle for Software as a Service, 20204
  • Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce, 20205
  • Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations, 20206

Mobify has been named as a Sample Vendor in the categories of FEaaS [Front End as a Service], Progessive Web Apps [PWAs], and Composable Commerce. According to Gartner Hype Cycle for Software as a Service, 2020 “FEaaS is most useful where complex and interactive customer journeys are required, such as digital commerce. A challenge with FEaaS can be that some aspects of presentation management that have been traditionally in the hands of the business user can return to being developer tasks, unless careful technology choices are made. Vendors of “headless” content-centric applications are addressing this need.”

Mike Lowndes, senior director analyst at Gartner states in the Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce, 2020 report that “Businesses should consider FEaaS if they desire to use such technologies but do not have the resources to develop, deliver and manage it. The impact is less transformational for purely content focused websites, but more so for fronting “web apps” digital commerce, customer portals, booking engines, communications and social platforms, forums, etc., taking advantage of the mobile-first approach and integration with native device capabilities.”

“Front-end as a Service, Progressive Web Apps, and Composable Commerce are quickly gaining momentum, and Mobify is proud to provide a solution in these categories as organizations need modern digital experiences and business agility to thrive in these uncertain times and changing retail landscape,” said Igor Faletski, CEO & Co-founder of Mobify.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company