More People Doing Means More Getting Done In St. Louis

By November 25, 2013


A few weeks ago, we discussed the need for a small-money fund in our great city.  Today, I’ve got another idea to run past you fine people of St. Louis, and by all means, anyone outside the city who has ideas, don’t be shy.

I’ve spent some considerable time in some very nice places throughout my days here on this fine planet. In my time in St. Louis thus far, though, I’ve come across a few things that St. Louisans seem to receive a label for – both things they label themselves with and things others tack on. Point blank: One of the most common themes I see in the entrepreneurial world these days is talk without action, and vice-versa, action without talk.

Now, I’m sure most of you will probably read that last line and think, “Oh, he just did one of those whole reverse-a-roos and switched the words around to mean something completely different.” Put it in context, though, and it’s a problem. For the last few years we’ve had programs on programs started (and some ended), some of which have sought out and filled specific niches.  Eventually, they become quite beneficial to the ecosystem, and others should have never come to see the light of day.

Why do I say any of this? We’ve got new “meetup” groups starting every few weeks. We’ve got people starting projects to “get everyone in the city together” during the weeks those other meetups aren’t meeting. And, we’ve got meetings being called that never proceed past that initial meeting and a follow-up email.

What if, instead of dividing and conquering, we pooled and collaborated? What if, instead of starting another group or meetup, we sent people to the ones that already exist? What if we were able to forward the young, inexperienced cacti of the entrepreneurial world to an oasis of funding, information, and connection in the Midwest (right here in the city)?

It’s all beginning to take a step in the right direction, but we’re dragging our own feet. Let’s march, people! Thoughts? Ideas? Cries of outrage? Let’s hear them below in the comments.