Must Have Items For Startups

By November 20, 2012

gold flash drive

When it comes to business technology, startups have different needs than larger companies. Startups need tools that are optimized for communication and connectivity on the go while larger companies need tools that are optimized for security and maintenance. Entrepreneurs need hardware that allows them to run their business from the road, so they can be ready to seize a new business opportunity anytime, anywhere.

As an entrepreneur, there are a few tools that I can’t live without. Here are 10 must have items for startups that will allow entrepreneurs to optimize their time and their sanity.



I don’t leave home without my V Moda CrossFade headphones. When I work out of coffeeshops, these headphones are key to helping me maintain concentration. They block out noise, and they have a great microphone that I use for conference calls on Skype. I give these headphones bonus points for making a commute on public transportation bearable.

Solar phone charger

solar charger

Working on mobile devices on the go can be incredibly convenient – until you get the low battery notification. Although there are many coffeeshops that will allow you to plug in for a few minutes, a solar powered charger can power you up when there is nary a friendly business in sight.

iPad 3rd gen

ipad 3rd gen

Dropbox, Evernote, and Sparrow are the apps that I use to run my startup the most. I sync these apps to all my Apple devices, so that I can access my work and correspondences no matter where I am.

Flash drive

flash drive

Sometimes you will come across a potential partner from the corporate world who has business acumen, but they are still rocking a Dell with Windows XP. That’s ok. Just give them a few files that they need to check out on this gold bar flash drive. You know – to unconsciously remind them that you are going to make them a lot of money if they invest.

Bamboo iPhone 5 case

bamboo iphone 5 case

When it comes to iPhone cases, there is no shortage of material and design choices. I prefer natural or recycled materials like this Bamboo case.

Tripod mount for iPhone

iphone tripod

Video is now an integral part of any startup’s content strategy (if they have one). Video can be expansive to make if you outsource it. Instead, try shooting your own with this tripod that is easy to set up. It fits any iPhone from the 3G to the 5.

Mobile printer

hp printer

Sometimes you need to set up an fully functional office in a hotel room when you are traveling, and that includes setting up a printer. Believe it or not, some potential partners do not do business 100% paper-free. If you have to print on the go, grab a wireless printer like the HP Deskjet 450.



Roku is a streaming media device that allows you to turn your TV into a media player. Watch YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu videos in your hotel room after a long day pitching investors. Sometimes, channel surfing on hotel television just won’t do.

iPad speaker

ipad speaker

iPad speakers are horrible. If you are watching video with coworkers or with a large group, you’ll barely be able to hear the sound. Try these Logitech speakers to amplify the sound and enhance your iPad experience.

Camera for video conferencing

laptop camera

If you have multiple offices or a distributed team, chances are you will have more video conferences with your team than in-person meetings. You’ll need a camera that is more advanced than the camera in your Macbook Pro. This HD widescreen webcam from HP will capture everyone in the room, and the image will be crystal clear.

All of these items enable entrepreneurs to run startups from any location that has an internet connection. The need for a traditional office space doesn’t apply anymore for startups that need to remain nimble in the crucial first stages. Thanks to items like those listed above, entire offices can be assembled on the go.

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