myautoIQ Will Showcase Two New Products at NADA 2020, Providing Automotive Businesses with Targeted New Customer Acquisition and Online Lead Scoring Solutions

By February 11, 2020

myautoIQ, a SaaS company providing AI and big data-driven solutions for the automotive industry, will showcase scanIQ and conquestIQ, two first-of-their-kind solutions for real-time lead scoring and targeted customer acquisition, at the NADA 2020 event. 

myautoIQ uses a combination of behavioral predictions, recommendations, and lead scoring to help auto businesses drive targeted customer acquisition, and personalize engagement. myautoIQ will be showcasing the following products at the NADA event: 

  • scanIQ: Provides the ability to score inbound leads in real-time and identify those that are most likely to buy. scanIQ gives car dealers real-time predictions for each inbound lead, whether it is an online lead, a potential customer in the service bay, or even a walk-in. Insights provided include likely buying range for their next car, personal preferences in a vehicle, and recommendations regarding cars in the inventory that the lead is most likely to buy.
  • conquestIQ: Enables car dealers to find buyers in a target area for specific makes and models. Car dealers can also engage the buyers by using conquestIQ recommendations in their marketing campaigns and business development center (BDC) follow-ups or use the digital marketing capabilities built into the application to personalize messaging. conquestIQ provides dealers the ability to connect with new high-quality prospects that they would otherwise be unaware of.

When it comes to marketing, it is important for companies to qualify their leads and engage them with personalized products and offers. This is particularly true in the automotive industry, where it is especially difficult to gauge a person’s likelihood of buying a car or to understand their preferences. Being able to find the right leads and engage them with unique personalized offers allows automotive companies to optimize their customer acquisition strategy.

“Our customers like the exclusivity and quality of conquest leads as well as the ability to drive significant efficiency for their BDC and internet teams through real-time lead scoring and prioritization – not to mention the ability to measure ROI on their investments,” says James Fleming, Sales Director at myautoIQ. “conquestIQ and scanIQ prepare our customers to tackle modern-day challenges in customer acquisition.”

To learn more about myautoIQ or to book a demo during the NADA show 2020, visit booth #1328C or contact [email protected].

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company