Need To Send A Private Email Secret Agent Style? Check Out SecretInk

By November 14, 2013

The company that brings you PowerInbox released a new application for sending secure, time-sensitive emails and SMS messages today called SecretInk.  While it has a practical application, such as sharing things like private account passwords or banking information, it’s really quite fun, too.  The service allows you to send messages that will “self-destruct” upon reading.  Here’s a quick demo of what happens.


Fun, right?  The “message timer” will self-adjust based on the length of the message and is based on average reading speed.  Using what is described as “industrial grade security technology,” your messages are sent over an encrypted channel and immediately and permanently deleted once read.  That means you can truly have a private conversation online, without worrying about the message being intercepted or saved on another server somewhere.

Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox, said they were inspired by current events, stating, “With all of the NSA and Google account access news, we wanted a way to send messages to each other and know that they are not viewable by third parties.”  The team has been using the service internally to share passwords and account information with each other during development, and they’re excited to offer it to the general public today.

SecretInk Product Manager Toby Padilla added, “The Internet has made it easy to stay in touch but also easy for communication to fall into the wrong hands as well.  SecretInk marries the privacy and security of offline communication with the speed and convenience of online communication so users have the best of both worlds in a fun product they can use with anyone.”

What do you think? Would you use SecretInk to send messages? This is just the first version of SecretInk, and the PowerInbox team will be adding additional security features and product enhancements after launch.

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