Ode To Entrpreneurship

By February 15, 2011

written by Brooke Fallon

How do I love thee, let me count the ways,
To you I devote the hours of my days.
I love thee like June after 9 months of frost,
Without you so many ideas would be lost.
You contribute to economies both local and global,
And just to attempt you is a risk that is noble.

I love thee like finding a dollar on the ground.
Through you, solutions to complex problems have been found.
Our ancestors came from around the world,
And with your help it was their dreams they unfurled.
We enjoy your advancements all across the land,
Because you can cater to supply and demand.

I love thee like an accurate reading from CTA bus tracker,
You help people avoid the life of a slacker.
You create new jobs in times of great need,
To invest in you is like planting a seed.
You allow us to creatively innovate,
Your inventions leave our lives in a much better state.

Yet some will limit you with burdensome regulation,
This seems to be a trend that is sweeping the nation.
Licenses, taxes, and fee after fee,
And all of these steps must be done carefully.

Entrepreneurs don’t always have the freedom they should,
Yet protecting these rights starts in our neighborhood.
People can voice their concerns to their Alderman,
Or to the IJ Clinic, which will do whatever it can.

So today as you celebrate your favorite relationship,
Please don’t forget to love entrepreneurship!

Brooke Fallon is the Office and Community Relations Manager of the Institute For Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship (Facebook Page Here)