Pinterest For Hacker News: Browse Tech News Like A Soccer Mom

By February 2, 2012

To no one’s surprise, visual content curation site Pinterest was named the Best New Startup of 2011 at the Crunchies Awards Tuesday night. And with an estimated 7.2M+ visitors (and growing), the hot startup was bound to cause a few spin-offs; one of which, Pinspire , is an almost direct copy of the original  created by the infamous copycats Samwer brothers  known for other copycats of sites like eBay, Groupon and Zynga. But the newest Pinterest spin-off , Hackerest, brings Pinterest style to the popular and extremly minimalist tech news site, Hacker News.

David  Phillips actually created the site as a weekend project meant to help practice his javascript knowledge.  The UX  leaves a lot to be desired when compared to it the Pinginal ( sorry, I had to) and I would like to be able to actually join Hackerest, and pin stories to personal boards. Despite its shortcomings, Phillips’ project shows a lot of potential. More importantly  it underlines what all Internet power-users and designers have been saying for a while and what Pinterest’s founders are banking on: users want a beautiful content experience, and are willing to go to third-party content providers to get it.