PostPost: Turn your Facebook Newsfeed into a Newspaper

By March 25, 2011

PostPost is a social content curator that takes the content from your Facebook Newsfeed and transforms it into a beautiful, real-time, digital newspaper. I interviewed PostPost’s  Product Manager Bobby Bonaparte a few weeks ago to get the full scoop on the product and how it plans to move forward.

“PostPost began because we noticed that our friends were posting more interesting articles than traditional outlets; but Facebook’s interface isn’t the best way to get such news.”

A true entrepreneur, creator David Yared set out to solve such a problem and came up with the product you see today – a beautifully presented user interface that updates in real-time with next to no lag. Within a minute of landing at, users are able to login through their Facebook account and enjoy the product in under 30 seconds. (If it isn’t apparent enough, I’m a huge fan.)

The product’s journey has not been all fun and games though. PostPost experienced trouble upon implementing like buttons for each piece of content. Load time for the site skyrocketed, leaving users dissatisfied and the PostPost team in need of a solution. With no other options, the team had to remove the like buttons until they figure out a way to increase its speed.

Since then, the product has seen nothing but success.

“Growth is good, we just reached 10k fans on Facebook, a pretty big milestone. We have users in Thailand and all over Europe.”

Bobby attributes such success to their real-time capability – a huge advantage when it comes to social content curation. Their current position isn’t going to be an easy one to maintain though as competitors such as, Flipboard, Genieo, and My6Sense have all established themselves in the space.

Moving Forward, the team is focused on becoming the best curator of social content. They also hope to reinstitute the like buttons, and possibly integrate content from other social networks.

As Bobby put it, “We want to be the one-stop shop for social content.”

Whether or not this dream will come to fruition, only time will tell. To learn more about PostPost and try it for yourself, go to

PostPost is a product of TigerLogic, which provides data management and application development products for rapidly creating Web-centric business software. To learn more about the company, go to