Qrazy Panda ‘Partying with a Purpose’ Kickoff Celebration

By June 2, 2011

Who doesn’t love getting their drink on while benefiting a charity at the same time?

QRazy Panda will have their kickoff celebration on Saturday, June 11th 2011 at 8pm at Casey Moran’s in Wrigleyville. Tickets are 35$ (purchase at qrazypanda.com) for four of UNLIMITED beer, wine, and well liquor drinks. ($40 at the door).

The best part is that $15 of every ticket purchased will be donated to the Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Founder and CEO of Qrazy Panda, Salvador Serrano, calls it “Partying with a Purpose.” QRazy Panda aims to bring a philanthropic element to the drinking scene, enabling partygoers to make a difference that will provide even more warm-and-fuzzy feelings than the alcohol.

We like that! Cheers.


QRazy Panda is a deal site that delivers drink deals on the cheap at all your favorite local hangouts, upscale nightclubs and music venues–with some innovative twists. Deal tickets are sent via text and e-mail as QR codes, so the only things you need to party are your mobile phone and A-game. The site also embraces the idea of ‘Partying with a Purpose,’ so you can put your drinking to good use and make a difference that will always last longer than your buzz.