Georgia Startup RappidApp Acquired By SignUp4 To Expand Mobile Offerings

By August 9, 2012

Savannah, Georgia’s mobile app creation startup RappidApp announced that it has been acquired by SignUp4, a meeting management software company. RappidApp has been working to help companies create their own mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms since March of last year, offering simplified app development solutions for non-developers.

The mobile app company was founded by Hannah Byrne, who is the current CEO of both RappidApp and Smack Dab Studios, a graphic design and web development firm.

“[Our] mobile app platform delivers a robust content management system, which means that anyone who can navigate the web can now create a native app… Users can build apps in just a few hours,” said Byrne during the launch of RappidApp. “A mobile presence is essential for success in today’s business environment, and choosing the right mobile platform to deliver your app is critical.”

SignUp4 acquired the company to improve its offering of meeting management solutions on mobile platforms. The integration of RapidApp will enable companies to streamline updates of important mobile content for meeting participants, including content pages, directions, agendas, and more. The platform utilizes Titanium framework in conjunction with cloud storage to give companies the ability to issue real-time updates to its mobile applications without ever having to resubmit the app to the often-lengthy App Store approval process.

SignUp4 has been building meeting planning software since it was founded by a team of event planners and software designers following the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. The company unveiled its flagship product, SignUp4 Event Management Systems, in late 2000, and currently offers a whole suite of products that cover meeting, event, travel management, as well as a spending tracker covering each category.

Nick Romano, president and co-founder of SignUp4, called RappidApp a “good companion” for the meeting management service. “Corporate meeting planners as well as other groups have embraced RappidApp’s tool to create attendee engagement solutions at a fraction of the cost of custom-developed apps, which is a real win for business,” said Romano.