Small Businesses, Big Ideas at The Junto

By July 7, 2011

Have the next big idea, but don’t know where to start? 

Junto is a new organization that helps grow ideas and make them into reality. Dedicated to helping early stage startups, Junto helps fund, build, and promote new business ideas.

Although not an incubator itself, Junto is an incubator-like environment, providing a creative space for its “juntors.” Junto provides a variety of resources to entrepreneurs, such as mentorship, networking, help with sponsorship, and more.

The Junto Community Infographic

Marcy Capron, founder and CEO of Junto, came up with Junto when she saw a need for resources in helping very early stage start-ups get the off the ground. She said, “we’ve been working with startups since Polymathic was created. And they always run into same problems … running out of funding, need for mentorship, needing to test products, and so on.” Along with Senior Developer Matt Manske and Creative Director Joe Poeschl, Junto was created to help develop these new ideas and early stage businesses.
There are many early stage startups that are not ready or even qualified for incubators or angel/venture capital. Junto aims to be that first step within the start-up journey.

Junto has a rolling application process for entrepreneurs. Typically, after being admitted, the program runs  for a few months, as start-ups go through several stages to refine their idea, get funding, do R&D, and finally testing. [see infographic]

“We always wanted to work with startups.  We really enjoy it! The question is how do we create an environment conducive for them to succeed? And we’re aiming to do just that,” said Capron.

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