Solopreneur Documents His Startup Journey On Google Plus

By August 19, 2011

After years in the corporate world, Aaron Longnion decided it was time for something different and started Refynr, a web app that lets you filter the clutter out of your social media feeds. Now, he’s documenting his entrepreneurial journey by writing a book on Google+.

Aaron Longnion - HeadshotWhy Google+?

“I love the medium for posting: it’s easy to write here, have some interaction, post very long messages, it seems to be a fun, novel (excuse the pun) concept similar to the person that wrote a book via Twitter, and I can easily add pictures, videos, and links if I want. I think it would be super-cool if people ask me questions or make comments that I can incorporate in to the next chapter, and hope it will be more fun than just writing the book in isolation about my journey from 9-to-5 Peon to 9-to-5 Solopreneur,” said Longnion.

Why a Solopreneur?

“I wanted to see if I could build something from the ground up and see how far I could take it by myself. Part of not getting a co-founder was I didn’t know anybody, and part of it was that I just wanted to work alone for a while. Part of it was that I didn’t want anyone else to have to take the risk. Some say if you don’t have a co-founder you don’t fully believe in the idea, but I don’t think that’s true. If you’re really starting from scratch and you can build it yourself, there’s no reason not to go as far as you can by yourself. You save a lot of money and risk for other people. If you can get users, then you have something that you can build upon. Unless you have a lot of money and a lot of startup experience, you can’t say you KNOW that this idea is going to work.”

Reflecting on his journey:

“So many of my friends have never left the corporate world or had the opportunity to, and have never had the opportunity to build something for themselves. I’m glad I did, and in doing so people were really rooting for me. It’s the American Dream, building a product without all the meetings and what not. The book is sort of just chronicling that opportunity, the good things that happened, the bad things that happened. It’s a big learning experience and a lot of fun and sometimes you get depressed and say, ‘why am doing this? I’m crazy, nobody will like this.’ Then the highs when people find it, write about it, and generate other online interest. I just wanted to put it all down, it’s an interesting story. I wanted to do it now so I wouldn’t forget it.”


To read about Aaron’s journey in full, click here. Chapter Listing below:

Chapter 1: Can’t get no…

Chapter 2: Entrepreneurial spirit

Chapter 3: Quitting my Job and Moving in with the In-laws

Chapter 4: Deciding on a Startup Idea, and How to do it Cheaply

Chapter 5: Finding my Way with the Early Concept

Chapter 6: Wait a Minute! How Are You Affording This?!

Chapter 7: Inspiration and Irritation from “The Social Network”

Chapter 8: Unexpectedly “Going Viral”

Chapter 9: Viral Blog Post Keeps on Giving

[more coming soon…]