St. Louis’ Global Hack Offers $50K Prize – Register NOW Hackers

By January 13, 2014


Friday Jan 31st, a new kind of Hackathon is taking place in downtown St. Louis at Union Station: GlobalHack.

Conceived by Lockerdome’s CEO, Gabe Lozano, GlobalHack aims to be a new kind of Hackathon- the kind that offers big prize money.  “We have a title sponsor that is putting up the prize money, but haven’t revealed who that sponsor is just yet,” said Lozano, “but we will soon.”

Part of the reason the sponsor may not have been revealed is because unlike traditional Hackathons where new businesses are created over a weekend, this one is designed to be a one and done, with the event sponsor offering the $50,000 prize to the winning team in return for acquiring their solution.

Teams will be presented with a specific problem and will be given the weekend to hack a solution together.  Teams can use whatever programming language they want so long as it integrates with the platform.

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