St. Louis’ Sendouts Acquired By Bullhorn In Multi Company Deal

By November 30, 2012

This week St. Louis software company Sendouts has been acquired by Bullhorn, a Boston-based global leader in recruitment software. The acquisition also includes MaxHire Solutions, a staffing software as a service provider currently operating out of Vancouver.

Both companies will continue to operate out of their respective cities, with Sendouts president and CEO Brian Hopcraft becoming Bullhorn’s general manager for western and central North America. In a blog post, Hopcraft wrote that Bullhorn’s goals and dedication to helping people find the right position make the acquisition a perfect fit for Sendouts, which has been operating in St. Louis since 1999.

“From a cultural standpoint, joining Bullhorn makes perfect sense,” wrote Hopcraft. “The talent at Sendouts and Bullhorn is top-notch — our combined expertise in recruiting software is simply unparalleled. We both work on nurturing a strong, supportive environment that makes our employees eager to come to work every day, and all of us to put our customers first.”

With Sendouts and MaxHire coming into the fold, Bullhorn will grow to 250 employees and 5,000 clients, with a projected revenue following the acquisition is expected to reach $70 million. According to the company, a new, fully integrated recruitment platform will be ready sometime next year.

Bullhorn co-founder and CEO Art Papas called the two companies “extremely talented,” and said the newly acquired teams will help Bullhorn continue to scale its recruitment efforts.

Though the acquisition will put the Sendouts brand under a new parent company, Hopkins stressed that Sendouts will continue to maintain and build its presence in the St. Louis community where it started.

“Our location is also part of who we are, and fortunately Bullhorn believes in the promise and potential of the St. Louis area as much as we do,” Hopkins wrote. “St. Louis offers a largely-untapped trove of smart talent and quickly growing into a hub for technology companies.”

Corey Cummings

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