St. Louis: StampedeCon Launches Tomorrow, May 29

By May 28, 2014


StampedeCon is a St. Louis-hosted Big Data conference that is now in its third year. This year’s conference has something special for the startup community. Techli is hosting a Big Data startup panel. While the enterprise community has been continuing to drive the industry forward year after year, startups have also been innovating in this space to come up with ways to streamline Big Data techniques.

The Big Data Startup Panel, hosted by Techli’s Ed Domain, will include three local startups: Brian Schwartz, CTO at BarrelFish, Dheeraj Patri, Chief Product Officer at FoodEssentials, and Bob Ward, CTO at Juristat. The panel will discuss not just how to leverage Big Data, but how to create smart data. Having a clear understanding of goals and objectives for what you are trying to accomplish when starting a project that could involve Big Data will help reduce the amount of Big Data that you use and need. Approaching Big Data correctly will help you access only the data that you need which will allow you to move faster, and if necessary, scale your architecture.

Aside from the Startup Panel, StampedeCon has a series of other informative presentations. “Companies are quickly looking to move beyond proof-of-concept stages and into integrated, data-oriented production processes,” said Gary Stiehr, founder of StampedeCon. “At StampedeCon 2014, Big Data experts will dive into use cases and insights that are immediately relevant in today’s business climate.”

This year’s multiple track format will help companies in all stages of their Big Data adoption and provide attendees the opportunity to learn about everything from starting a Big Data pilot program to transitioning into production to advanced use cases. This year’s conference has 5 tracks:

NoSQL, Databases & Query Engines
Use Cases & Implementations
Data Analysis Tools & Techniques
Data Security & Governance
Use Cases & Implementations

From presentations by IBM and Intel to use cases from Silicon Valley Data Science and NVIDIA, this conference will have something for everyone who deals with Big Data.

StampedeCon runs from May 29-30, 2014 at the Knight Executive Center at Washington University in St. Louis. To register, visit