St. Louis Startup Nightlife Is All Kinds Of Awesome

By February 10, 2014


Nightlife is an app that lets you know what’s happening in a city you happen to be in and what kind of deals are happening at bars and clubs.  You would think that would be it, but it’s just the tip of the company Kyle Turner is building.

“When you’re going out and having a good time, we want to provide people with all their options for nightlife whether it be happy hour, bar deals, concerts or pub crawls.  Whatever you’re looking to do, we’ve got you covered,” said Nightlife founder Kyle Turner.

Turner initially conceived of Nightlife while a student at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  “My friends and I always discussed ideas for businesses and when I came up with the idea for Nightlife, I knew I had a winner,” he said.  Over 100,000 downloads later, he feels he is proving himself right when he says,  “We’re creating a new type of digital media and events company in the nightlife space.  Other companies do specials and tweets- we are creating the future of the nightlife entertainment industry.”


Looking to make the company more than just an app showcasing deals, Turner expanded to producing Nightlife events  of his own.  “Since launch we have put on pub crawls and tailgate parties in different states and our last one in Columbia Missouri had 2,500 people attend.”

Bar and club owners have taken notice and Turner said he is looking to move into multiple cities in the next year in addition to expanding the company’s offerings.  “We provide a platform for event promoters, advertisers and venue managers” he said, “and we’re also very excited to start producing content of our own soon on the Nightlife website,” he said.