StartUp Weekend Chicago Launches TONIGHT!

By November 12, 2010

Tonight at 7 p.m. Chicago geeks of every stripe will converge on the ITA to participate in Startup Weekend Chicago, a three day crash session in a building a new startup from scratch. It is expected the smell of Red Bull and WowBoa.

Mark Bertrand has taken on the role of Chicago planner for the nationwide event and has done an excellent job lining up sponsors and speakers.

Entrepreneurial types seek each other out at 7 sharp and form teams around ideas they have for a startup. Around 8:15 people start making pitches of business ideas they have and from there it is a mad dash until Sunday at 5:30 where the newly created startups start their demos to everyone in attendance including the panelists/judges that will debate the merits of each startup and award prizes to the best in show. (I’m honored to be one of the panelists this year).

The entrepreneur friendly ITA is providing the space for this incredible event and it is going to be blast to see if a viable company emerges from the brain power on display.

A full report will follow after this weekend.

Entrepreneurs… it’s time to bring your A-Game. See you tonight!