Tech Wildcatters: Find-a-Founder Event

By July 8, 2011

[Dallas, TX] This past Wednesday, Tech Wildcatters held its bi-annual Find-a-Founder event at the TechChurch. More than 40 people gathered in hopes of finding the perfect match to make their startup dreams come true.

Tech Wildcatters Logo“The main reason that we do the event is because we get a ton of people who are missing just that one little piece to their business and we want to help them find it. Rather than scouring their friends list for people who may or may not help them, we want to concentrate all of the activity in one easy format,” said Tech Wildcatters’ Operation Manager Ben Walker.

After checking in, the participants were assigned to tables of four and given three minutes to meet each person at the table. After they had met everyone, two of the table members would rotate to the next table and the process would start all over again. In total, there were approximately 15 rotations throughout the night allowing each person to be introduced to around 30 people.

The participants were a diverse group of developers, creatives, and businesspeople – both experienced and first-time entrepreneurs. Some were there to pitch an idea, while others came simply to listen and see if they were the missing piece that the startup needed to get off the ground.

At the Find-a-Founder event earlier this year, Mike Ivey and co-founder Chris Bond met and began to work on RentSavvy, a personalized apartment search engine. Soon after that, they were accepted into the Spring class of Tech Wildcatters and are now seeing success with their beta product.

We’ll have to wait and see if similar results come from this week’s event. Tech Wildcatters is accepting applications for its fall class now through July 24th (Read more about that on LaunchDFW), which is the end goal for many of last night’s participants.


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