Techli’s media incubator Espacio launches En Serie

By January 4, 2018

Espacio announced this morning the launch of their newest project, En Serie. The online publication will be focused on keeping up with the latest films, series, and everything related to the exciting world of visual entertainment. The project, which began to take shape at the end of 2017, aims to respond to the demands of contemporary audiences with up-to-date reporting on the fast-moving film and entertainment industry, in Spanish.

Jeniffer Espinosa, editor of En Serie

The inaugural project for 2018 is lead by Jeniffer Espinosa, with Alejandra Eusse, Andrés Taborda, and Stiven Cartagena as lead contributors. The team view the publication as a fresh platform for entertainment news and aim to keep a close eye on trends, must watch content, as well as chase down exclusive interviews.

“We are proud of this project, although it will be a challenge we have a great team, always willing to give their best to make this initiative a success,” Jeniffer said, in response to the announcement.

The company’s founder and CEO, Conrad Egusa, echoed Jeniffer’s enthusiasm, “The launch of the entertainment-focused publication En Serie is an exciting new addition to Espacio’s publication line up. The start of the new year came with a burst of forward momentum for Espacio, and that is due in no small part to the positive energy of the En Serie publishing team.”

Conrad Egusa, CEO of Espacio

En Serie’s additional focus on startups in the audiovisual landscape aligns with Espacio’s overarching mission of supporting innovative companies and accelerating entrepreneurship. The publication joins Espacio’s growing number of English and Spanish language publications, on a wide range of topics.

Additionally, Conrad commented on how the new publication fits into Espacio’s overall vision for expansion this year, “We are looking increasingly globally, at Espacio. Although we are continuing to grow our English publications, I have always had an international vision for the future of the publications, En Serie and the other Spanish language publications at Espacio are integral to that vision, and we will be expanding this year to other languages as well.”