Technori Launches; Is a Celebration of What Makes People Entrepreneurs

By November 1, 2010

Seth Kravitz is the co-founder and brains behind the new weekly online newspaper Technori, a site that, as the tag line reads, “Celebrate Chicago’s Entrepreneurs”.

Their first edition has a story about popular Chicago entrepreneur Phil Tadros, the founder of Doejo, Galaist, and too many coffee shops to count. (Okay, its 13.)

Technori is a weekly, and each new edition will be served up Monday morning in perfect time for you to ignore some work and catch up on what you really, secretly want to be, a Chicago entrepreneur. (I mean, who doesn’t?)

Technori’s look is modern and stylish without being garish; in a word, it looks cool. Its symbol is that of the John Hancock building if it had been turned into a sushi roll.

In the near future look for FG to reach out to Seth & co. for the full story; right now why don’t you swing on by and see what they are up to?

Its great to see another source for news in Chicago’s entrepreneurial scene- anything that contributes positively to the ecosphere skipped by the mainstream news outlets is great news for Chicago and here’s to hoping Technori has a long and prosperous run! Best of luck Technori team, Welcome to the Party!