The Domain Tech Report Launches! Meet The New Boom Network

By March 7, 2013

We’ve got some big news here over at Techli HQ. As our loyal readers know, Techli was founded by yours truly to cover the news of startups in places where news coverage is scant or non existent for emerging startup ecosystems.

Too often the bigs (TechCrunch, Pando, VentureBeat, even Forbes, etc, etc) only pay attention to a startup after they have achieved phenomenal growth.

The rest of us know better- as Brad Feld writes about in Startup Revolution, it takes time to build a community, and Techli is dedicated to not only promoting emerging startup hubs but also reporting on the entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Sure, we love celebrating the big success stories but we also love the entrepreneur with a dream. It’s the stay at home Mom jumping into the startup game because she has a kick ass idea, its the new college student who with some buddies creates a new group fostering innovation on campus or its someone who used to wrk on the space shuttle NASA but really has a burning itch to fix men’s fashion.

In that vein, we’d like to welcome you to our newest effort, ‘The Domain Tech Report.’ We are starting in St. Louis, but we’ve got big plans- the biggest and best kind. We’re launching a new online network of shows based around the startup culture, and we’re calling it The New Boom. (Another article to come after SXSW talking all about it, and how YOU can participate).

For now, enjoy episode 1. Let us know if you like it, hate it, want to get interviewed in a future episode, and let’s start promoting the entrepreneurs- wherever they are. If you talk about us on Twitter, use the #hashtags: