Three September Events- FG looking for participants

By August 19, 2010

September is going to be a BIG month in Flyover Country

Flyover Geeks is having three separate events and we are hoping to continue having the community’s support. Dates are TBD as we figure stuff out- but they won’t be on the 28th because that is when midVentures 25 is happening and if you can go- you should. It’s going to be amazing!

That said, here is what we are looking at in September:
A New StartUp Official launch- That’s right, you read it correctly! At our next meet-up a Chicago startup is going to make its launch announcement public at our event and we couldn’t be more excited! It is definitely not to be missed. Based on the anticipation and number of people expected this time, it will probably be held in a Loop location to be more central to everyone in the city. Interested in being a part of it? Leave a comment below and we’ll pass out free tickets to the first 20 people that want to come. Indicate you want the tickets for the FG StartUp Announcement party

Milwaukee Launch Party Yes, Flyover Country, FG is spreading its wings and spreading the word that we are in business and mean business! FlyoverGeeks may be based in Chicago but it is for all of Flyover Country and September is going to see us land in Milwaukee with the help of @KatieFelten– its going to be a hot night in the brew city!

Roundtable for FG TV “What”, you are thinking, “is FG TV?” Just like it sounds- Flyover geeks is more than a handful of posts- we are also going to do video interviews (several being edited now!) and one that needs to happen is a Roundtable discussion on the state of the Chicago startup scene and what needs to happen to move Chicago in the right direction. We’re looking for a handful of people that don’t mind being on camera, know the Chicago tech scene, and aren’t camera shy. Interested? Drop a comment down here so we can get in touch and coordinate.

Chicago, the momentum is here for us to take- together we are all going to be successful! Let’s make it happen!