Take A Scenic Run In Your BaseMent with Virtual Active

By December 14, 2011

Sick of being forced to stare at grey walls and sweaty men at the gym?

Well as of today, there’s an app for that.

Virtual Active, a San Francisco-based “exergaming” startup, launched their first iOS app today which helps  indoor exercisers to ‘experience’ all of the visual joys of exotic trail runs from the comfort of their indoor AC-equipped gym.

Once a user places their an iPad or iPhone, loaded with Virtual Active App, on their fitness equipment, all they have to do is start moving and Virtual Active will display a movement-aware  scenery of  one of 10 locations including the  Grand Canyon and Swiss Alps.

Virtual Active , a division of BitGym and Netpulse, Inc., leveraged BitGym’s motion sensing technology to  track and adjust the scenery to your speed – quicken your pace to watch the scenery blur past you, or you can enjoy the view by bring your pace to slow stroll .

You can click here to download the Virtual Active App  for free but be forewarned in-app purchases for additional workouts can be a bit steep.