What’s Mark Zuckerberg’s Salary? $483,333 a Year

By February 1, 2012

Facebook filed its Initial Public Offering late this afternoon and is seeking to raise $5 billion dollars. Along with the filing, Facebook must reveal all sorts of interesting data to the public in an S1 document, including the salaries of Chief Officiers. Interestingly enough Zuckerberg takes a salary of $483,333 dollars per year, similar to the salary of President Barack Obama at $400,000 per year. Outside of his salary Zuckerberg brings in some hefty ‘compensation’ and bonuses totaling nearly one million dollars.┬áThese numbers are nothing when compared to the value of Zuckerberg’s 500,000,000 shares, and with 28.4% of the company he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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